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Tostees Round Cast Pie Iron

Availability: In stock



A pie iron is a way to cook grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit pies over an openfire.



cast pie irons are the tool of choice for making snacks and toasted sandwiches over charcoal briquets or the stovetop. perfect size for bbq or stovetop use. Cooking surface is 4 3/8" x 4 5/8". In its most basic function, a pie iron is a way to cook grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit pies over an openfire. This is done by placing the food (in the above cases, two pieces of buttered bread with cheese or fruit filling) inside a cooking compartment formed by two metal casting that hook together using a hinge. Metal rods with wood handles extend from the castings so the user can easily maneuver the pie iron over a campfire. A few minutes over the heat and a perfectly toasted sandwich or pie emerges from the cooker. Bring family and friends around a campfire to enjoy easy cooking snacks over a nice cozy fire. All material or shapes of our pie irons are made using top quality components such as chrome plated rods and long hardwood handles and are assembled with care to give you the best campfire cooking experience. Cultural Connections: Pie Iron cooking is part of a unique cultural that spans the globe. In many countries you can find hinged cooking devices similar to a pie iron being used to create stuffed, grilled, pressed or toasted food. Unlike in North America though, most of these devices are used by street vendors, take-away stands or in cafes, where the demand for easily portable, finger foods and snacks. Some of the international pie iron relatives include: Jaffle Iron - This Australian design was developed around the same time as pie irons in the United States. Originally a brand name, the jaffle iron is now the common name for hinged cavity cooking in Australia, South Africa, and Indonesia. In these countires, any pressed or grilled sandwich may be referred to as a "jaffle." Panini Grill - Panini means sandwich in Italian, what it generally refers to is a sandwich that is placed between a two-part grill and pressed to make a tight. Popular in Italian bars and cafes, grilled panini sandwiches are now common street food throughout Europe. Toasties - The name for pie iron style sandwiches in the U.K. Sandwich Cubano - Grilled and pressed flat, the sandwich cubano is popular not only in Cuba but throughout Florida as well. Although there are many sandwich variations, the classic consists of swiss cheese, ham, roast pork, salami, sweet pickles & mustard.


Additional Information

Weight 8.0000
Box Width 16"
Box Height 22"
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