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Privacy Policy

In order to participate in the HMBL PLAN a minimum purchase of 4 tons is required.

Customers will be allocated via email notification to their closest retail location for convenient pick-up or delivery *Delivery charges will apply*.

Note that all Bio-Energy Bricks require a minimum of 10-15 business days to reach their designated retail location. An email notification will be sent to customers upon arrival.

If at any time customers wish to replenish their HMBL CARD while being a part of the program, the Bio-Energy Bricks must be purchased within a 4 tons minimum increment.

Quantities smaller than 4 tons can be only purchased directly from designated retailers at market price.

Customers are given a 45 day grace period; in which they must either pick-up or have the product delivered.
*20% storage fee is applied monthly if grace period is exceeded*.

HMBL PLAN is a final sale nonrefundable