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200 Pack Easy Light Kindling

Availability: In stock



We’ve all struggled to get that fire started! Be it in the backyard firepit, the basement fireplace or that bonfire on the beach! Easy light kindling is a portable, ultra-efficient fire starter has been used for years by the world’s largest hotels, resorts, lodges and campgrounds. Their best kept fire starting secret is now available to the public. Never be caught out in the cold struggling to start that fire again!


Easy light kindling is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire starting methods that can contain toxic chemicals or create unwanted mess. Our product is made from natural products, making it a greener, cleaner way to light your fire.
Easy light kindling can be used in campfires, fireplaces, woodstoves and barbecues. Our fire starter is so versatile that you can also use it to produce enough heat for cooking, as emergency flares and on snowmobiles or while hunting as a safety measure.

-Non-toxic paraffin and woodchip materials
-Lights easily and immediately
-Burns up to 30 minutes
-Produces a 6-8" flame.
-No more hassle, no more frustration – just light and go
-No need for messy papers or flammable fluids



200 Pack Easy Light Kindling


Additional Information

Length 14
Weight 35.0000
Q & A

Product Questions

Is it mandatory to use the Easy Light when starting Firewood Bio -Bricks?